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Tiny creations

Some felt food for our littlest cook 🙂

I’ve also made some plain pancakes, croissants, bisquits (all from a lovely felt) but was too lazy to take pictures of all of them…

Instead I will show you what’s comming to my shop soon. I’m working on boxed sets:

a custom order

and bears

Once these are done, the next exciting thing planned – sharing my patterns here with you, so you can make what I make 😉

The weekend is here. Have a great one!


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Two girls – two swaps

I enjoy making things (a lot!), especially if I know they gonna have a concrete ‘owner’ to go to. All of my toys are intended for kids and I always hope that my little creations will be played with, so having neglected unsold toys standing on my bookshelf is not the result I hoped for. I still have two ladies: Isolda and Isabelle, who really need to move from our home to somewhere where they will be appreciated. So I’m offering swaps this time. Nothing big. To you from me: my elephants, some other mini goodies that I’ll add according to what the winners will be interested in and I would hope to get something small in return. Anything you would love me to have. Simple and hopefully fun 🙂



If you’re interested – drop a line in the comments (pls name the elephant you would like to own) and I’ll pick (next friday the 10th of October) two swap partners for myself .

Have a great weekend!

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What do you do, when your day starts with Monday, rain, dark sky, strong wind and a kid that instead of ‘good morning’ says ‘I don’t want to go to school’? I tend to hate Mondays (and I hear it’s pretty normal), but today is the day when I decided some things can be changed.

I’m playing this amazing, fantastic, beautiful, uplifting and unique album. It’s so mine for today…

Thinking of a sky like this


and all those lovely days we just had


Yesterday we all went to see china’s terracotta army at the British Museum here in London. Sadly, we only saw the pictures of what we’ve missed as all the tickets are sold out (yeah, a shock to someone like me who’s been very relaxed about exhibition ending in less than one month and with no tickets booked in ADVANCE) But never the less we had a great time looking at other interesting things in there:


this for instance is only painted, but gives you a different illusion. All done some centuries ago… love it.


I also intend to cook a delicious dinner, finish some of my unfinished crafts:







and Sadie


And I’m gonna smile a lot today. And tomorrow… And be positive. And not concentrated on my appointment with a dentist tomorrow. Play and laugh. And love Monday.

Happy Monday to you too!

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I wish

Something new. I generally don’t fuss around the new numbers in the calendar much, nor do I really believe in (and have never so far done) any new year resolution list or so, but this year I wrote something for myself . 12 months, 12 things that I wish and want to improve on. It could have been 30 or 50 points, easily, but 12 seemed enough to make a start:

  • 1. Work hard – relax deeply
  • 2. Do it now
  • 3. Be honest, be fair
  • 4. Be free
  • 5. Do good everyday
  • 6. Enjoy the process
  • 7. Take care of yourself
  • 8. Learn something new
  • 9. See new places
  • 10. Laugh
  • 11. Be in peace
  • 12. Love, love, love!

Writing these down was easy. Putting it in to practise is gonna be… hm – worth it!

Hope all of you had lovely holidays and life is full of new hopes, dreams, ideas…

I’ve been rather lazy over the holiday period (the boring ‘ate a lot, slept a lot…’) and quite busy in the last couple of weeks. Busy being mammy. My dearest has been away, so my crafting time has been neglected and very much missed. I hope to start shortening my ever so growing to-do wishlist. And speaking of craft – this is something I’m gonna be playing around with! If you make toys, or want to start – it’s worth having a look at.

In a mean time – life goes on:


rain rain go away


BTW. I have got a little anniversary approaching (1 year since my first toy was sold on my etsy shop!) and in relation to this I’m preparing a little something (something old, something new) for giving away… If you’re interested – it’s gonna be public in about 2 days… 😉

Have a lovely day. x

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