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I’ve been given a chance to open up a little about my very important self by a lovely Kyoko :).

1. I have two kids, but still would like one more.

2. I’m 5.9 feet tall and I could count on my fingers how many times I’ve worn high heels so far.

3. I’m not too much into cooking these days, but give me a reason to bake… For eating what’s baked I never need a reason, just a will to stop 🙂

4. I’ve sown a proper fully lined winter coat at the age of 17 and a long evening dress at 19, both entirely by hand. I’ve been told it looked really god. I would still wear it if I would have it and would still fit in it… eh.

5. Having a choice of spending an afternoon in a spa, being pampered or to buy something that lasts – so far I haven’t doubted – I’ll buy a chair over 2 hours of full body massage. The only exception is food 🙂 It doesn’t last, but I’ll not say ‘no’ to a good treat.

6. I often have at least a couple of books that I’ve started reading and will choose one depending on what mood I’m in to. Usually it’s either uplifting fiction or medical books. I’m obsessed with natural health topics 🙂

7. If I would have a choice to go back in time it would be the 1920s.

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