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After the rain the sky will shine and that’s so beautifull… I put headphones on and imagine myself walking on that white soft carpet that covers the sky. Nothing else arround you, no other sounds. The mind is free. Breath in,  close your eyes and spin arround… runn arround, leave footprints, move clouds with hands, make patterns and watch how the wind customizes it all. I love it. The sky, the clouds and happy me…

scrached sky

When I’m on earth I still make the ussual things, including toys for you:





There will be a give away v. soon, so watch the space 😉

In a mean time – stay happy!

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Color it

I generally really like rain. Especially in spring/summer. The sound of drops hitting found surface… the smell… the purpose of it is beautiful. And then those skies… April skies. Amazing.

So much drama, so much life in it

As if we’re told stories from up there…

Lots of rain that does not want to go away makes you wanna color your days in. So I’we tried.

We also got a very colorful parcel from very dear people with this card that made me smile and smile

it’s drawn by my older brother. From a heart. Love it (and him!) so much.

This morning I see blue sky and one very shining face. We have a birthday man in the house. So colors of life are pouring in.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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What do you do, when your day starts with Monday, rain, dark sky, strong wind and a kid that instead of ‘good morning’ says ‘I don’t want to go to school’? I tend to hate Mondays (and I hear it’s pretty normal), but today is the day when I decided some things can be changed.

I’m playing this amazing, fantastic, beautiful, uplifting and unique album. It’s so mine for today…

Thinking of a sky like this


and all those lovely days we just had


Yesterday we all went to see china’s terracotta army at the British Museum here in London. Sadly, we only saw the pictures of what we’ve missed as all the tickets are sold out (yeah, a shock to someone like me who’s been very relaxed about exhibition ending in less than one month and with no tickets booked in ADVANCE) But never the less we had a great time looking at other interesting things in there:


this for instance is only painted, but gives you a different illusion. All done some centuries ago… love it.


I also intend to cook a delicious dinner, finish some of my unfinished crafts:







and Sadie


And I’m gonna smile a lot today. And tomorrow… And be positive. And not concentrated on my appointment with a dentist tomorrow. Play and laugh. And love Monday.

Happy Monday to you too!

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I’m an orange in the blue

These are my days. With a crisp blue above and bright orange in my hair. I’m happy.







Tomorrow my orange head should shine in Paris. Oui! I can not awaaaaaait!!!!!!!! Even our kids can’t.

BTW. have you seen ‘Paris je t’aime‘? What a film. You gotta see it. And if you haven’t yet – you gotta fall in love with that city again and again.

Have a lovely weekend! x

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