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I wish

Something new. I generally don’t fuss around the new numbers in the calendar much, nor do I really believe in (and have never so far done) any new year resolution list or so, but this year I wrote something for myself . 12 months, 12 things that I wish and want to improve on. It could have been 30 or 50 points, easily, but 12 seemed enough to make a start:

  • 1. Work hard – relax deeply
  • 2. Do it now
  • 3. Be honest, be fair
  • 4. Be free
  • 5. Do good everyday
  • 6. Enjoy the process
  • 7. Take care of yourself
  • 8. Learn something new
  • 9. See new places
  • 10. Laugh
  • 11. Be in peace
  • 12. Love, love, love!

Writing these down was easy. Putting it in to practise is gonna be… hm – worth it!

Hope all of you had lovely holidays and life is full of new hopes, dreams, ideas…

I’ve been rather lazy over the holiday period (the boring ‘ate a lot, slept a lot…’) and quite busy in the last couple of weeks. Busy being mammy. My dearest has been away, so my crafting time has been neglected and very much missed. I hope to start shortening my ever so growing to-do wishlist. And speaking of craft – this is something I’m gonna be playing around with! If you make toys, or want to start – it’s worth having a look at.

In a mean time – life goes on:


rain rain go away


BTW. I have got a little anniversary approaching (1 year since my first toy was sold on my etsy shop!) and in relation to this I’m preparing a little something (something old, something new) for giving away… If you’re interested – it’s gonna be public in about 2 days… 😉

Have a lovely day. x

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