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So much

Don’t get used to it just yet – I’m not intending to start posting daily… but Tuesday was a great day and I want to share it here.

I’ve recently neglected my kitchen appliances, but it’s meant to change. Starting with simple things. I’m officially excluding meat and dairy from my menu (again). Completely. So scones for breakfast were my ‘good bye’ (to cows milk) treat.

Another ‘good bye’ (yes, too many in one day!) to falafel burgers from Giraffe

It’s time to move on. I tend to stick to the same dishes for quite some time and then no wonder – I get tiered of them. So next time I’m in Giraffe – I’m gonna try something new.

Word ‘new’ has to be used more often. Like new toys… new designs… new ideas…

So here: today I finally managed to take a couple of photos of my new necklace I’ve mentioned some time ago.

This is my first trial, based entirely on Maria’s kjo style (which I very much admire!) . I’m not intending to sell my necklace – it’s for personal use, so I sort of borrowed her idea and made something for myself (for a change). This year I’m too optimistic I’m gonna treat myself to more than just this. Thinking big: some clothes, bags…

And finally, before I switch off – today we met Ben Wilson. Picture a man on his fours on the street doing something on the pavement with a fine paintbrush. Would you expect to see him painting on a discarded gum?

There was something very nice about Ben and his idea. Some of his miniatures have stories – it’s like chewing gum reincarnates into something much more important… and stops people like us. We look at these little pieces and give them a big happy smile. Why not?

Only hope that does not encourage people to give Ben more of that work material…

Ok. The new day has began. Hope it’s a nice one.

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I’ve bought quite a lot of wool last year in hope to embrace the art of felting a bit more seriously. The hope is still there. The wool too. So far I only made this little attempt (a few months ago…) to try my felting needles


I used this photo


and this


from this book ISBN: 9784277563109


And then recently I moved on to wet felting :

first the necklace


the ring


and another one


I also made flower brooches


A couple more of my flowers are displayed in my shop.

The inspiring image for the brooches was


Definitely will play more with wool. I have quite a few Japanese magazines/books with lots of exciting woolly ideas to try out and then there are people like Fadeeva. Her creations are simply amazing. Actually, she was the one that made me wanna get some felting needles and try to learn to control them. Love her stuff! Also love HUT up. And kjoo.
For those who are interested I bought my merino tops from this great shop.

So that’s wool. In a mean time I’m back to what I’m feeling better at – making some more mohair bears… and rabbits. And…

Hope you’re enjoying your week! Will ketch up soon. x

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