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me in wonderland

Last Thursday, as the sun was shining high, me and my littlest went for a walk in the woods nearby. What we found in there is not fitting in any English word I know. Fairy tail?







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hold it!


drop do not drop!

see you tomorrow again

moon lamp


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Especially in the night and morning, so we have been hoping for a white color to dominate the outside, but so far we only find some of the beautiful traces dear frost leaves here and there…



dressed up1

My oldest son has ‘snow’ on his very short Christmas wish list, so dear Winter come out all dressed up in white for all of us 🙂

cold sweat

I so love this December. With its beautiful weather, with its festive mood and so many uplifting things around. I’ve taken a break from (not so intense  in any way) crafting for others and am just giving myself more  freedom to do things that I miss.  I’m reading more. I’m back to doing my morning yoga. I’m writing… lining up some fresh ideas for my shop,  my future and just am hanging out with my dearests.  Playing (and relaxing at the same time, the best game to get hooked on with your kid). I’m making something for my sons

wipHope you are in good spirits too. Have a relaxing weekend!

P.S. thank you for your comments, it’s very much appreciated! Keep on talking to me 😉

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Not so very right, but…

One day you’re enjoying the Indian summer, the other day brings you the joys of winter. Well, we were in short sleeves about 3 weeks ago…

But recently it’s long sleeved ones on even indoors… More than that, we just had a chance to touch a real white snow. In October. in London. And I’m not shocked. Nevermind the negative sides of the snow so early, so unexpected, so uncommon here and so not right – you can’t help it, it’s beautiful, white on green…

I guess kids are the ones who are really honestly happy about the snow. You see little half melted snowmen everywhere and lots of beaming faces, snowballs flying and wet mittens drying later at home 🙂

Something else to look at.

Happy Friday!

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Today was a good day, since I’ve managed, at last, to sort out my pictures. My laptop is getting old and although I like a lot of things in life that start with an ‘old’, my computer will have to be an exception. It’s been quite a challenge to not to have my own machine and therefore I ended up with a pile of things neglected… Among many things – no less than 1182 photos to go through which brought me some really lovely memories. So here we go, while you had a break from my blog updates – we had summer:

lot’s of swinging in the woods

and lots of skipping

What I was capturing in a picture below should be rain (or massive rain) that kept on visiting us far too often through out the summer months…

We had mini and wet, but very much appreciated holidays in Wales

two very important birthdays

and one quite big party to hold

We baked and ate …

and really enjoyed it all. Hope you too have some nice summer memories to look back to…

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No toys part 2

Today I’m making something new. Or more like – I’m trying…Woohoo!!! But we gonna talk about it once I have what to show…

This is the Peak District in UK. And our big and small footprints left somewhere there…


So yeah. It was nice. I’m still not really back…

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No toys

May is an official start to our family’s birthday season. My dearest is the first in line and I love that. I also love our little tradition of marking that special day. We try to spend it outdoors, to recharge the batteries. The ‘newborn’ chooses the location. And Birling Gap became quite popular among us two.

And what birthday without a birthday cake and a birthday wish? Not ours 🙂

It’s Russian honey cake. A bit modified and one of our favourites now.

Warm weather this week keeps us outside

and makes me very tired by the end of the day. So you totally really understand why I have nothing hand made (well a cake…) to show. Instead – have a look at what other natives of mine make.

We’re off to Sheffield, to attend The Digital Art Festival, to see my lovely’s work on the big screen in about 7 hours… That says ‘go to bed woman’… So I’m going. You have a nice weekend and I’ll be back.

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