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Tiny creations

Some felt food for our littlest cook šŸ™‚

I’ve also made some plain pancakes, croissants, bisquits (all from a lovely felt) but was too lazy to take pictures of all of them…

Instead I will show you what’s comming to my shop soon. I’m working on boxed sets:

a custom order

and bears

Once these are done, the next exciting thing planned – sharing my patterns here with you, so you can make what I make šŸ˜‰

The weekend is here. Have a great one!

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The last couple of weeks were all about my two little people in the house. This time school holidays meant lots of parks, playgrounds, lots of sandwiches and very little time for me and things like sowing… The later will come and I already miss having my both boys with me all day long.

Kew last week


Scotney Castle in Kent with huge green space around for long relaxing walks

Eh. I even had my own mini breaks over those two weeks where I was left on my own… a good film, a good 100gr of fine chocolate and some production…

I know others manage, I’m still working on that – my wish/to do list only grows and never shrinks. Good I guess…

Shop update is very close. No promises, but I’m thinking Thursday.

Until then.

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What do you do, when your day starts with Monday, rain, dark sky, strong wind and a kid that instead of ‘good morning’ says ‘I don’t want to go to school’? I tend to hate Mondays (and I hear it’s pretty normal), but today is the day when I decided some things can be changed.

I’m playing this amazing, fantastic, beautiful, uplifting and unique album. It’s so mine for today…

Thinking of a sky like this


and all those lovely days we just had


Yesterday we all went to see china’s terracotta army at the British Museum here in London. Sadly, we only saw the pictures of what we’ve missed as all the tickets are sold out (yeah, a shock to someone like me who’s been very relaxed about exhibition ending in less than one month and with no tickets booked in ADVANCE) But never the less we had a great time looking at other interesting things in there:


this for instance is only painted, but gives you a different illusion. All done some centuries ago… love it.


I also intend to cook a delicious dinner, finish some of my unfinished crafts:







and Sadie


And I’m gonna smile a lot today. And tomorrow… And be positive. And not concentrated on my appointment with a dentist tomorrow. Play and laugh. And love Monday.

Happy Monday to you too!

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Back on track

Lately I’ve been not feeling too well. Daily headaches and higher levels of unnecessary anxiety left me exhausted physically and mentally. But, today it’s all colors bright again as I’ve started Chinese acupuncture course and have other things lined up to help me feel better, so I’m back.

I’m in bed quite early in these days , that’s good for me, but that also leads to big sights every time I look at my new fabrics… šŸ™‚

my first order form purlsoho

I have big hopes for some new toys soon. Big hopes for a lot of new things actually.

Speaking of which, here is a couple…

kiss me

Today my older son’sĀ  school was fund-raising money for needed equipment. Valentine’s cake stall, so we baked:



And then some of us relaxed…


Eh, relaxed, that’s what I want to be too šŸ™‚

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Winter bears

Looks like my bunny girl is sorted. I honestly did not expect she’s gonna have such a nice bunch of fantastic offers to choose from! We love it. Thank you! I only wonder how am I supposed to decide which one of you deserves my toy more then the others… All to be put to an end by tomorrow 9am! Wish me a good peaceful sleep… šŸ™‚

Boni excitement aside – I’m preparing 4 little bears up for a sale as I’ve promised an update in my shop.





Saku with tiny Saso


No 4 is not quite finished yet… so I better get to work šŸ˜‰

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Weekend proves to be the wrong time to promise a post šŸ™‚ I’ve 5 minutes before we shoot off to the swimming pool so here we go:

I’ve a little bunny up for grabs. She’s been waiting for somebody to offer her a loving home and I can not think of any better way to solve it then giving one of you a chance to own her.

Here is Boni



About 15cm (5.9 inches) tall (from tippy toes to ears). Needs assistance with standing up on her own. She can sit, move her little arms and legs + her dress is removable.

I’m not making more of these (you never know, but at the moment I’m into mohair toys….), so it’s sort of a last chance. If you like her – drop a comment – convince me you really want to have her and wait for the results šŸ™‚ Boni is gonna come with a little something, but that’s for the new owner to find out šŸ˜‰

I would say we give a couple of days for this Boni thing and then I hope she goes to a nice home.

Hope you’re having a nice weekend, I’ll be back tomorrow with some new bears…


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has been very patient and a very well behaved boy. He’s been waiting: first for somebody to offer a loving home, then for his display box to be done, then for the great owner (my sister in law, who also has my Barney ) to come in person and take him to the new permanent place to live. It took me ages to finish the idea as I wanted the box to be more than just an empty boring place for my teddy… Since Laurenzo’s new owner loves all things sweet and she wanted her new bear to become friends with Barney – as a result the little bear got some muffins, a cuppa, a calender hanging on the wall, a framed picture of a bagel, a lamp, and some glow in the dark stars with the moon… plus enough room for that Barney to drop by.

My sister in law was happy. Laurenzo exited. I’m relieved. šŸ™‚


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