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Today was a good day, since I’ve managed, at last, to sort out my pictures. My laptop is getting old and although I like a lot of things in life that start with an ‘old’, my computer will have to be an exception. It’s been quite a challenge to not to have my own machine and therefore I ended up with a pile of things neglected… Among many things – no less than 1182 photos to go through which brought me some really lovely memories. So here we go, while you had a break from my blog updates – we had summer:

lot’s of swinging in the woods

and lots of skipping

What I was capturing in a picture below should be rain (or massive rain) that kept on visiting us far too often through out the summer months…

We had mini and wet, but very much appreciated holidays in Wales

two very important birthdays

and one quite big party to hold

We baked and ate …

and really enjoyed it all. Hope you too have some nice summer memories to look back to…

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So much

Don’t get used to it just yet – I’m not intending to start posting daily… but Tuesday was a great day and I want to share it here.

I’ve recently neglected my kitchen appliances, but it’s meant to change. Starting with simple things. I’m officially excluding meat and dairy from my menu (again). Completely. So scones for breakfast were my ‘good bye’ (to cows milk) treat.

Another ‘good bye’ (yes, too many in one day!) to falafel burgers from Giraffe

It’s time to move on. I tend to stick to the same dishes for quite some time and then no wonder – I get tiered of them. So next time I’m in Giraffe – I’m gonna try something new.

Word ‘new’ has to be used more often. Like new toys… new designs… new ideas…

So here: today I finally managed to take a couple of photos of my new necklace I’ve mentioned some time ago.

This is my first trial, based entirely on Maria’s kjo style (which I very much admire!) . I’m not intending to sell my necklace – it’s for personal use, so I sort of borrowed her idea and made something for myself (for a change). This year I’m too optimistic I’m gonna treat myself to more than just this. Thinking big: some clothes, bags…

And finally, before I switch off – today we met Ben Wilson. Picture a man on his fours on the street doing something on the pavement with a fine paintbrush. Would you expect to see him painting on a discarded gum?

There was something very nice about Ben and his idea. Some of his miniatures have stories – it’s like chewing gum reincarnates into something much more important… and stops people like us. We look at these little pieces and give them a big happy smile. Why not?

Only hope that does not encourage people to give Ben more of that work material…

Ok. The new day has began. Hope it’s a nice one.

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I definitely am. When it comes to making decisions I tend to either think too much or not think at all and just go with the flow. Like cutting my own hair. Most of my trials are unplanned. And most of them not very successful either. So don’t ask me why I still do it, instead of leaving them in peace and letting it grow long (as I want). No patience? I think it’s more the need for a change. And no patience! 🙂 Plus the attitude of feeling that I can do it all by myself… As a result – today I’m very short haired. Again.. And disappointed in my cutting skills and afterwards in a choice of a hairstylist – again. Paid far too much for what I’ve got. So much so for being spontaneous 🙂


But there is always at least one positive outcome: hair do tend to grow and I feel like I’ve learned my lesson.

On the subject – I had another very spontaneous decision. We (well thanks to my husband really) were invited (last Tuesday) to attend Kibu’s projects social in Budapest. So we said ‘yes’ and on Friday 4:30am we were on our way to Magyar. Having been a bit more thoughtful we might have also skipped this trip, as we planned to go to Barcelona next Sunday (just for a short break). Now it looks like we exchanged Budapest for Barcelona as our littlest one had croup last night and we all feel far less exited about yet another long way till the destination and too short stay to really appreciate the effort. Or we can continue to be spontaneous and still go to see Barcelona…

Budapest’s highlights:

the market

buy a doll
the hotel Gellert
hotel gellert
my favourite colors at the ‘Kitchen Budapest’ event :
kibu arbour lights
red on green
there was more interesting stuff, more pics on my flickr
And last but not the least – after 18 years I was back to see the same spot
Now back to my world again. Back to sewing again. 🙂

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