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Well it’s not much, but let’s say it’s not the quantity, but the quality what we count 😉 New teddies almost popping into my etsy shop:

first up is Oak with Dutsy (a talking parrot who only says nice things, so far)

then we have Nidas and tiny Sol (duckling who thinks Nidas is his mom)

Bigger boys:

no name 1

no name 2

no name 3

I’ve also finished one of the two things I’ve started knitting

It was for my little set – all for a gorgeous little boy Emlyn, our friend’s first born

I’m quite proud of my linen bibs 🙂

I admit, I like making small things mainly because I like fitting with tiny details and love sowing by hand, so anything that requires sowing machine is a much bigger challenge for me, but I’m getting there :).  I made my first mini linen trousers, crap picture, but those pants are definitely not! 🙂

To be continued…


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