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has been very patient and a very well behaved boy. He’s been waiting: first for somebody to offer a loving home, then for his display box to be done, then for the great owner (my sister in law, who also has my Barney ) to come in person and take him to the new permanent place to live. It took me ages to finish the idea as I wanted the box to be more than just an empty boring place for my teddy… Since Laurenzo’s new owner loves all things sweet and she wanted her new bear to become friends with Barney – as a result the little bear got some muffins, a cuppa, a calender hanging on the wall, a framed picture of a bagel, a lamp, and some glow in the dark stars with the moon… plus enough room for that Barney to drop by.

My sister in law was happy. Laurenzo exited. I’m relieved. 🙂


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