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Last week was lovely lovely lovely. Mainly because my dentist said ‘all done’ (weheee!!!) and because we had some warm, sunny and very appreciated days outside. And some very lovely reunions with old time friends…

After spring comes… winter. Right? Right…

Shocking (or rather worrying), some proper snow in April in London (and across UK)… but so beautiful!!!

So that’s weather over here.

On more interesting note 🙂 – on Friday I got a strict order from my body to have a  ‘lie in bed day’. And to eat nothing (wellll… almost almost) for the last 3 days. Which was awful deserved (something I ate, or the way I ate it…made me learn really fast to appreciate food and my tender organism again). Eh. So don’t even guess how it felt when my boys took me for their Sunday meal at Wagamama. I had (nice) miso and (nice) steamed rise… Yaki udon – I’ll be back!!!

We also went to the cinema. It’s not only good to see a good film on a big screan, but I also get very (easily) inspired and want to make new stuff… Yes. New stuff. One of those days… very soon! For now it’s a new bear.

This is Kimiko

And this is a link I want to share…

This week is bound to be a busy one. Have a good one too!

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