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Two girls – two swaps

I enjoy making things (a lot!), especially if I know they gonna have a concrete ‘owner’ to go to. All of my toys are intended for kids and I always hope that my little creations will be played with, so having neglected unsold toys standing on my bookshelf is not the result I hoped for. I still have two ladies: Isolda and Isabelle, who really need to move from our home to somewhere where they will be appreciated. So I’m offering swaps this time. Nothing big. To you from me: my elephants, some other mini goodies that I’ll add according to what the winners will be interested in and I would hope to get something small in return. Anything you would love me to have. Simple and hopefully fun 🙂



If you’re interested – drop a line in the comments (pls name the elephant you would like to own) and I’ll pick (next friday the 10th of October) two swap partners for myself .

Have a great weekend!

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