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Some of you might forgotten already, Christmas came, Christmas went, we live in so called the ‘New Year’, in other words – life goes on. Hope moods areΒ  good on your side.

December was quite lovely, but today is lovely too


xmas dinner


new number

not our windows

Holidays being the thing of the past, I’m slowly getting back to using my free time wisely. Hmmmm. Wiser. Ok, a bit wiser. My book of ideas has got fuller over the last couple of weeks, so there should be, and I only hope there will be, new things made for my shop. I’ve noticed, I have this annoying tendency to speak out too loud before I actually have anything to prove my big words with, so bear with me while I’m looking for ways to improve that πŸ˜‰ New things and those free patterns (don’t remind me how long ago I’ve promissed them to you)… are coming!

So now, I’ve made possibly the last hedgehogs (for a while) Tom, Tim, Ted

Molly still needs to be dressed


Big Eeva is finished by now, but she’s gonna be part of a set, so I sill have lots to do before she and Molly are’ offered in my shop.


See you soon! x


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a new day has begun

to you


day 3



I’tsΒ  cold outside, but I love it. Frost everywhere, sun in the sky and a warm home to stay in. It’s a good day to be productive πŸ˜‰

Have a nice one too!

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It’s so easy to offer something as a give away, but man, once you get more than one person offering herself to be the winner it becomes a hard business.

We did a random number draw, Osvald goes to Lisa. Thank you all, I wish Osvald could be easily multiplied so that each of you could get one. I’m not that good yet…

More hedgehogs in my shop this Sunday though πŸ˜‰

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bob is hanging out...

Is not the one pictured here, but from the same family, so won’t look very different and yes, as promised – he’s gonna end up being somebody’s (yours?) for free.

Little Osvald is nothing but giggles with Bob on my wall. No idea what they both are on about, but It’s fun making these and it’s definitely fun having them around the house, puts a smile on your face and makes it wider if there already was one πŸ˜‰ . The production is gonna start again very soon, anyone wanting to reserve a hedgehogΒ  – drop me a line and I’ll do my best.

Now then, Osvald is up for grabs – just leave a comment and keep as many fingers crossed as you can πŸ˜‰ We gonna choose an owner for this boy next Thursday the 27th. Good luck!

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After the rain the sky will shine and that’s so beautifull… I put headphones on and imagine myself walking on that white soft carpet that covers the sky. Nothing else arround you, no other sounds. The mind is free. Breath in,Β  close your eyes and spin arround… runn arround, leave footprints, move clouds with hands, make patterns and watch how the wind customizes it all. I love it. The sky, the clouds and happy me…

scrached sky

When I’m on earth I still make the ussual things, including toys for you:





There will be a give away v. soon, so watch the space πŸ˜‰

In a mean time – stay happy!

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Tiny creations

Some felt food for our littlest cook πŸ™‚

I’ve also made some plain pancakes, croissants, bisquits (all from a lovely felt) but was too lazy to take pictures of all of them…

Instead I will show you what’s comming to my shop soon. I’m working on boxed sets:

a custom order

and bears

Once these are done, the next exciting thing planned – sharing my patterns here with you, so you can make what I make πŸ˜‰

The weekend is here. Have a great one!

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I’ve been given a chance to open up a little about my very important self by a lovely Kyoko :).

1. I have two kids, but still would like one more.

2. I’m 5.9 feet tall and I could count on my fingers how many times I’ve worn high heels so far.

3. I’m not too much into cooking these days, but give me a reason to bake… For eating what’s baked I never need a reason, just a will to stop πŸ™‚

4. I’ve sown a proper fully lined winter coat at the age of 17 and a long evening dress at 19, both entirely by hand. I’ve been told it looked really god. I would still wear it if I would have it and would still fit in it… eh.

5. Having a choice of spending an afternoon in a spa, being pampered or to buy something that lasts – so far I haven’t doubted – I’ll buy a chair over 2 hours of full body massage. The only exception is food πŸ™‚ It doesn’t last, but I’ll not say ‘no’ to a good treat.

6. I often have at least a couple of books that I’ve started reading and will choose one depending on what mood I’m in to. Usually it’s either uplifting fiction or medical books. I’m obsessed with natural health topics πŸ™‚

7. If I would have a choice to go back in time it would be the 1920s.

I pass the tag on to:


ruta – elze






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