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not mine, Wimpole’s, although the idea of having a goat, chickens, geese and a couple of rabbits doesn’t entirely scare me. I would love to try a peaceful, partly self sustainable way of living. With lots of fresh air, lots of green, greens and lots of happy laughter. And I would definitely like a dog. Or maybe two dogs. Somewhere in South of France… or Italy… Ahh 🙂 Back to the Wimpole farm then.

This place had been visited, by our family, quite a bit in the past, but then we once had a car accident on the way back from the farm. Two years later not much has changed at Wimpole:

a big softie

a typical ‘the grass is greener on the other side’

and this

a ‘blissful’ motherhood. 11 little ones and one poor mom. Respect. For what we saw… nature can be harsh. But then so can we.

Moving on – I’m officially a sole trader (yeahhhhh!!!). With not much of a trade…yet 🙂 Summer proves to be the hardest time for me to complete a craft project. But I’m getting somewhere.

To be finished

and this is going to be finished too. I promise. I can manage multitasking no problem…

I can not show them today, but I also have a couple of teddies done. Nearly. Hm hm. And a few more new things already started too… So I see my etsy shop reopening in September. Before that – I’m making the best of my summer evenings.

Sitting on the terrace, watching the sky changes

enjoying the view

and enjoying some REALLY good films.

What are you up to on your evenings?

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Life is beautiful

and I’m glad I’m still very much in it :). A little bit older since I wrote my last post

a bit more happier and all the same. That cake (made by my very dearest) was one fantastic chocolate present which was unfortunately not very appreciated by (chocaholic) me. Sigh. See next picture.

What would such amount of chocolate in one family’s home tell you?

Good things, I hope. I’ve received it by post, from a sweet, sweet friend (thank you Giedre!!!) for my birthday, as supposedly one chocolate bar for each year I’ve managed so far (+ one as a bonus)… with no instructions how to manage such an amount wisely… 🙂 I’ve eaten some of it, but you would be proud of me how good I’ve been so far. Sharing is the key 😉

Back to that lovely not very appreciated cake above. Don’t want you to start to think lots of bad things about me, so I’ll explain myself. One day we’ve gone to the estate agent without too much of thinking beforehand (that followed shortly after). We wanted to talk about selling our flat and ended up seeing big lovely flat for rent 3 days later. After some seriously stressful mind testing week we finally decided not to go for it but instead sell our flat and leave UK… We said ‘No’ to the big lovely flat, and an hour later we changed it in to a ‘yes’ and ended up packing for the next 6 days. So this cake was supposed to be enjoyed the evening before we have moved houses. The only thing I honestly enjoyed then was more boxes being sealed off… Although it needs to be said, the first part of the day was dedicated to me and I could not have cared more about what was waiting later … but then reality hit hard. 🙂 I can reassure you – having a birthday a day before relocating is not something I would necessarily like to repeat. But at the same time, a new home is one of the best presents that you can ask for (apparently…)

So new home! Wohoo – lots of space (at last) and lots to do… June must have had wings on as we all felt like we have been swept from May to July. Or to almost mid of it. Summer – wait for us!!! Please…

I’ve not done much of sowing, or almost none at all, to be precise, but if you want to know – I’ve learned how to paint walls (Yasmina you’re my star!!!), how to make rockets and live without the internet for almost 3 weeks. And I started knitting again. And reading, again.

Recycled water bottle rockets

and some paper cup rockets filled with sweets

all for my son’s School’s summer fair. 11 bottles and 38 paper cup rockets was only some lovely 6 hours of labour, but it was well worth it.

Thanks a bunch for your comments and all of you who keep on peeping in here. It’s been a quiet month here, but I guess we can handle it once in a while 😉

Have a good week!

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