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One two three

I read somewhere, that around one month priory to your birthday you’re supposed to take it all easy, as apparently it’s quite a serious time, where no big decisions, plans, acts are recommended… It’s all about preserving, thinking, charging up and leaving the lot for latter. And all of the above was crossed over in my life last week. Will report later if that turned to be a good thing. Phew. Any volunteers to keep fingers crossed for me?

Here are a couple of things I’m allowed to talk about:

I’ve managed to bake 53 cookie medals (had to modify the recipe to use far less sugar and add some lovely spices) for kids from my son’s school for a fun sporty afternoon in a park that me and my darling have pooled together (I’m too proud to not to mention it – sorry!!! 🙂 ).

the same day I’ve also made bagels (for the very first time). Bread machine guys! I’m not gonna go on how delicious they were… very very… very…

And yes, at last, I’ve made toys and they are not bears!

What do you think? Opinions needed 😉 I think I’m going to explore more outside the teddy theme 🙂 That doesn’t mean I’m saying ‘no more’ to my grizzly bears 🙂

OK. That will have to be it for now. Will be back next week. Enjoy yours! x


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No toys part 2

Today I’m making something new. Or more like – I’m trying…Woohoo!!! But we gonna talk about it once I have what to show…

This is the Peak District in UK. And our big and small footprints left somewhere there…


So yeah. It was nice. I’m still not really back…

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No toys

May is an official start to our family’s birthday season. My dearest is the first in line and I love that. I also love our little tradition of marking that special day. We try to spend it outdoors, to recharge the batteries. The ‘newborn’ chooses the location. And Birling Gap became quite popular among us two.

And what birthday without a birthday cake and a birthday wish? Not ours 🙂

It’s Russian honey cake. A bit modified and one of our favourites now.

Warm weather this week keeps us outside

and makes me very tired by the end of the day. So you totally really understand why I have nothing hand made (well a cake…) to show. Instead – have a look at what other natives of mine make.

We’re off to Sheffield, to attend The Digital Art Festival, to see my lovely’s work on the big screen in about 7 hours… That says ‘go to bed woman’… So I’m going. You have a nice weekend and I’ll be back.

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Color it

I generally really like rain. Especially in spring/summer. The sound of drops hitting found surface… the smell… the purpose of it is beautiful. And then those skies… April skies. Amazing.

So much drama, so much life in it

As if we’re told stories from up there…

Lots of rain that does not want to go away makes you wanna color your days in. So I’we tried.

We also got a very colorful parcel from very dear people with this card that made me smile and smile

it’s drawn by my older brother. From a heart. Love it (and him!) so much.

This morning I see blue sky and one very shining face. We have a birthday man in the house. So colors of life are pouring in.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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