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Nature is good, but what is really good – it’s me in it.

I grew up in a town, far away from UK (having said that, most of my summers were spent in a very green and very beautiful big village and I honestly loved it). In my teens I moved to even bigger town. After that there was life in a relatively small capital. The next step was London. I guess from here it will go backwards… Or that’s what I hope for. I love love London, also because we have a lot of parks and quite a few of them are truly amazing, but my soul is longing for a quieter, greener and more relaxed life. And I wish my kids grow up with far more freedom and in touch with dear nature.

I love trees

All of them

I want to plant some.

Nature aside, my toys are finally in the shop.

my first ever book I wrote…

Have a lovely week!

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This can be a spring thing: the warmth, the colors, scents and spurting life all around – it tickles your soul and body, makes you fall in love again, makes you smile effortlessly, feel beautiful, and feel good. I feel good. Very good. And in love…

All I want to do is be outdoors, in the green, run around with my family, play and then lie in the grass and watch the clouds in the sky… Have a picnic… And hold on to this happy feeling.

My plan to exclude ‘dairy’ from my menu is a good plan, but hasn’t been put into practice yet. Today I had some fantastic ice cream… I sort off pretended I forgot about the unimportant fact it’s made from cows milk. Worked well. And yesterday I had a very yummy pastry that ended up in my tummy even though I said ‘no’ to it. I’ve been told I’m a strong – willed person. I am.

My shop update a bit delayed, but is going to happen very soon. Promise.

Something to share – shelece, nataJane.

Hope you are enjoying your week. It’s almost weekend! Can not await – apparently we gonna have a very warm one here. I love spring.

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So much

Don’t get used to it just yet – I’m not intending to start posting daily… but Tuesday was a great day and I want to share it here.

I’ve recently neglected my kitchen appliances, but it’s meant to change. Starting with simple things. I’m officially excluding meat and dairy from my menu (again). Completely. So scones for breakfast were my ‘good bye’ (to cows milk) treat.

Another ‘good bye’ (yes, too many in one day!) to falafel burgers from Giraffe

It’s time to move on. I tend to stick to the same dishes for quite some time and then no wonder – I get tiered of them. So next time I’m in Giraffe – I’m gonna try something new.

Word ‘new’ has to be used more often. Like new toys… new designs… new ideas…

So here: today I finally managed to take a couple of photos of my new necklace I’ve mentioned some time ago.

This is my first trial, based entirely on Maria’s kjo style (which I very much admire!) . I’m not intending to sell my necklace – it’s for personal use, so I sort of borrowed her idea and made something for myself (for a change). This year I’m too optimistic I’m gonna treat myself to more than just this. Thinking big: some clothes, bags…

And finally, before I switch off – today we met Ben Wilson. Picture a man on his fours on the street doing something on the pavement with a fine paintbrush. Would you expect to see him painting on a discarded gum?

There was something very nice about Ben and his idea. Some of his miniatures have stories – it’s like chewing gum reincarnates into something much more important… and stops people like us. We look at these little pieces and give them a big happy smile. Why not?

Only hope that does not encourage people to give Ben more of that work material…

Ok. The new day has began. Hope it’s a nice one.

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The last couple of weeks were all about my two little people in the house. This time school holidays meant lots of parks, playgrounds, lots of sandwiches and very little time for me and things like sowing… The later will come and I already miss having my both boys with me all day long.

Kew last week


Scotney Castle in Kent with huge green space around for long relaxing walks

Eh. I even had my own mini breaks over those two weeks where I was left on my own… a good film, a good 100gr of fine chocolate and some production…

I know others manage, I’m still working on that – my wish/to do list only grows and never shrinks. Good I guess…

Shop update is very close. No promises, but I’m thinking Thursday.

Until then.

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Last week was lovely lovely lovely. Mainly because my dentist said ‘all done’ (weheee!!!) and because we had some warm, sunny and very appreciated days outside. And some very lovely reunions with old time friends…

After spring comes… winter. Right? Right…

Shocking (or rather worrying), some proper snow in April in London (and across UK)… but so beautiful!!!

So that’s weather over here.

On more interesting note 🙂 – on Friday I got a strict order from my body to have a  ‘lie in bed day’. And to eat nothing (wellll… almost almost) for the last 3 days. Which was awful deserved (something I ate, or the way I ate it…made me learn really fast to appreciate food and my tender organism again). Eh. So don’t even guess how it felt when my boys took me for their Sunday meal at Wagamama. I had (nice) miso and (nice) steamed rise… Yaki udon – I’ll be back!!!

We also went to the cinema. It’s not only good to see a good film on a big screan, but I also get very (easily) inspired and want to make new stuff… Yes. New stuff. One of those days… very soon! For now it’s a new bear.

This is Kimiko

And this is a link I want to share…

This week is bound to be a busy one. Have a good one too!

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