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Friday is nice

Morning was like this


plus cold and plus windy. Plus I had to go out…


After I got wet and broke my dear umbrella, me and my youngest, we had quite a nice walk here locally. I love all this green color popping out everywhere. It’s not long any more before it’s gonna be too warm…

Later on, because it’s Friday and because we were hungry, I made some pizzas… We have a bread machine, so it’s really easy to make the dough. And we have me, so it’s really easy to make yummy pizzas 🙂

Oh, I have to show off a bit – we have a new lovely pet in the house. Well that’s is lovely for my youngest son. I was surprised (a lot) when he found this big… big toy in the toy shop yesterday and wouldn’t let go of it. After seeing how my little one played with it I just gave in and now it’s in my sons hands all day long. It would also be all night long if anybody would let a this big thing in our bed! Anyway. I love dinosaurs 🙂


Apart from a nice Friday I’ve been lazy this whole week. Thinking a lot, sitting in front of my computer a lot, dreaming, reading a bit and sowing a bit. Will show something very soon. But today we continue to just do nothing. We’re watching a film tonight. Or just about to finish watching it. Just us grown ups. And going to bed veryyyyyy late.
Did I say I’ve been eating a lot of chocolate this week? And there is some more left. Eh. Good and not good.

Have a nice weekend!

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Dear Spring, we miss you. It’s time. For more blue sky. For more color around. For more light. Warmth. For more life. For more love. Come. Please come. It’s time…

How do you color your Easter eggs? Or maybe you don’t. We do. This year I even managed to involve our 6 year old to help me with those onion peels. Hopefully next year he’s gonna find it more interesting and joint effort will last for longer then 5 min. Mama perfection was in control.
Do you do this too? I do. And not just once… It’s great. Try it!
This is what we gonna have for breakfast. Well, not all at once and not only, but it’s gonna be nice. Before they end up in our tummies we’ll play a game ‘Your egg or mine’. You pick an egg, you choose the strongest end and try it out on opponents egg. One shot. You win if your egg gets no cracks. And you keep it. For later. Later we play another game of rolling eggs… so much fun for kids.
Bunnies, that already hopped into our tummies…
Then some of us became very jumpy – wheeeeeee
So yes Spring. Easter and then you. Ok? For real.
It looks beautiful outside already. It’s just not very warm yet. Not at all.
We’re waiting for you…

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What do you do, when your day starts with Monday, rain, dark sky, strong wind and a kid that instead of ‘good morning’ says ‘I don’t want to go to school’? I tend to hate Mondays (and I hear it’s pretty normal), but today is the day when I decided some things can be changed.

I’m playing this amazing, fantastic, beautiful, uplifting and unique album. It’s so mine for today…

Thinking of a sky like this


and all those lovely days we just had


Yesterday we all went to see china’s terracotta army at the British Museum here in London. Sadly, we only saw the pictures of what we’ve missed as all the tickets are sold out (yeah, a shock to someone like me who’s been very relaxed about exhibition ending in less than one month and with no tickets booked in ADVANCE) But never the less we had a great time looking at other interesting things in there:


this for instance is only painted, but gives you a different illusion. All done some centuries ago… love it.


I also intend to cook a delicious dinner, finish some of my unfinished crafts:







and Sadie


And I’m gonna smile a lot today. And tomorrow… And be positive. And not concentrated on my appointment with a dentist tomorrow. Play and laugh. And love Monday.

Happy Monday to you too!

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I’ve bought quite a lot of wool last year in hope to embrace the art of felting a bit more seriously. The hope is still there. The wool too. So far I only made this little attempt (a few months ago…) to try my felting needles


I used this photo


and this


from this book ISBN: 9784277563109


And then recently I moved on to wet felting :

first the necklace


the ring


and another one


I also made flower brooches


A couple more of my flowers are displayed in my shop.

The inspiring image for the brooches was


Definitely will play more with wool. I have quite a few Japanese magazines/books with lots of exciting woolly ideas to try out and then there are people like Fadeeva. Her creations are simply amazing. Actually, she was the one that made me wanna get some felting needles and try to learn to control them. Love her stuff! Also love HUT up. And kjoo.
For those who are interested I bought my merino tops from this great shop.

So that’s wool. In a mean time I’m back to what I’m feeling better at – making some more mohair bears… and rabbits. And…

Hope you’re enjoying your week! Will ketch up soon. x

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I have two huge and very beautiful reasons that show me my unquestionable purpose in life, that teach me every day, that keep my love growing, make me happy. And make me feel as strong or as weak as a human can be. They are my suns. My boys.

me with the boys

And I’m grateful I’m their mummy…

Happy mothers days!

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