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I definitely am. When it comes to making decisions I tend to either think too much or not think at all and just go with the flow. Like cutting my own hair. Most of my trials are unplanned. And most of them not very successful either. So don’t ask me why I still do it, instead of leaving them in peace and letting it grow long (as I want). No patience? I think it’s more the need for a change. And no patience! 🙂 Plus the attitude of feeling that I can do it all by myself… As a result – today I’m very short haired. Again.. And disappointed in my cutting skills and afterwards in a choice of a hairstylist – again. Paid far too much for what I’ve got. So much so for being spontaneous 🙂


But there is always at least one positive outcome: hair do tend to grow and I feel like I’ve learned my lesson.

On the subject – I had another very spontaneous decision. We (well thanks to my husband really) were invited (last Tuesday) to attend Kibu’s projects social in Budapest. So we said ‘yes’ and on Friday 4:30am we were on our way to Magyar. Having been a bit more thoughtful we might have also skipped this trip, as we planned to go to Barcelona next Sunday (just for a short break). Now it looks like we exchanged Budapest for Barcelona as our littlest one had croup last night and we all feel far less exited about yet another long way till the destination and too short stay to really appreciate the effort. Or we can continue to be spontaneous and still go to see Barcelona…

Budapest’s highlights:

the market

buy a doll
the hotel Gellert
hotel gellert
my favourite colors at the ‘Kitchen Budapest’ event :
kibu arbour lights
red on green
there was more interesting stuff, more pics on my flickr
And last but not the least – after 18 years I was back to see the same spot
Now back to my world again. Back to sewing again. 🙂

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Boni is going

It’s done! Boni is not packed yet, but she’s pretty much ready for her new adventure. I’m so exited for her! Thank you all!

Sarah (yep, we did the blind picking thing and Boni is officially yours :)) promise me pls. you gonna send us a picture (or two) of my bunny being happy in Scotland? I’m sure she’s gonna love her new home. And gona be loved.

I’m definitely doing this again. One toy for one of you. So watch the space…

the winner

have a lovely day!

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Winter bears

Looks like my bunny girl is sorted. I honestly did not expect she’s gonna have such a nice bunch of fantastic offers to choose from! We love it. Thank you! I only wonder how am I supposed to decide which one of you deserves my toy more then the others… All to be put to an end by tomorrow 9am! Wish me a good peaceful sleep… 🙂

Boni excitement aside – I’m preparing 4 little bears up for a sale as I’ve promised an update in my shop.





Saku with tiny Saso


No 4 is not quite finished yet… so I better get to work 😉

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Weekend proves to be the wrong time to promise a post 🙂 I’ve 5 minutes before we shoot off to the swimming pool so here we go:

I’ve a little bunny up for grabs. She’s been waiting for somebody to offer her a loving home and I can not think of any better way to solve it then giving one of you a chance to own her.

Here is Boni



About 15cm (5.9 inches) tall (from tippy toes to ears). Needs assistance with standing up on her own. She can sit, move her little arms and legs + her dress is removable.

I’m not making more of these (you never know, but at the moment I’m into mohair toys….), so it’s sort of a last chance. If you like her – drop a comment – convince me you really want to have her and wait for the results 🙂 Boni is gonna come with a little something, but that’s for the new owner to find out 😉

I would say we give a couple of days for this Boni thing and then I hope she goes to a nice home.

Hope you’re having a nice weekend, I’ll be back tomorrow with some new bears…


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I wish

Something new. I generally don’t fuss around the new numbers in the calendar much, nor do I really believe in (and have never so far done) any new year resolution list or so, but this year I wrote something for myself . 12 months, 12 things that I wish and want to improve on. It could have been 30 or 50 points, easily, but 12 seemed enough to make a start:

  • 1. Work hard – relax deeply
  • 2. Do it now
  • 3. Be honest, be fair
  • 4. Be free
  • 5. Do good everyday
  • 6. Enjoy the process
  • 7. Take care of yourself
  • 8. Learn something new
  • 9. See new places
  • 10. Laugh
  • 11. Be in peace
  • 12. Love, love, love!

Writing these down was easy. Putting it in to practise is gonna be… hm – worth it!

Hope all of you had lovely holidays and life is full of new hopes, dreams, ideas…

I’ve been rather lazy over the holiday period (the boring ‘ate a lot, slept a lot…’) and quite busy in the last couple of weeks. Busy being mammy. My dearest has been away, so my crafting time has been neglected and very much missed. I hope to start shortening my ever so growing to-do wishlist. And speaking of craft – this is something I’m gonna be playing around with! If you make toys, or want to start – it’s worth having a look at.

In a mean time – life goes on:


rain rain go away


BTW. I have got a little anniversary approaching (1 year since my first toy was sold on my etsy shop!) and in relation to this I’m preparing a little something (something old, something new) for giving away… If you’re interested – it’s gonna be public in about 2 days… 😉

Have a lovely day. x

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