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me in wonderland

Last Thursday, as the sun was shining high, me and my littlest went for a walk in the woods nearby. What we found in there is not fitting in any English word I know. Fairy tail?






Something old, something new

Some of you might forgotten already, Christmas came, Christmas went, we live in so called the ‘New Year’, in other words – life goes on. Hope moods are  good on your side.

December was quite lovely, but today is lovely too


xmas dinner


new number

not our windows

Holidays being the thing of the past, I’m slowly getting back to using my free time wisely. Hmmmm. Wiser. Ok, a bit wiser. My book of ideas has got fuller over the last couple of weeks, so there should be, and I only hope there will be, new things made for my shop. I’ve noticed, I have this annoying tendency to speak out too loud before I actually have anything to prove my big words with, so bear with me while I’m looking for ways to improve that 😉 New things and those free patterns (don’t remind me how long ago I’ve promissed them to you)… are coming!

So now, I’ve made possibly the last hedgehogs (for a while) Tom, Tim, Ted

Molly still needs to be dressed


Big Eeva is finished by now, but she’s gonna be part of a set, so I sill have lots to do before she and Molly are’ offered in my shop.


See you soon! x

here we go

thank you all, who have been part of my (real and virtual) life. Thank you for stepping by, for supporting, writing nice things to me, inspiring and buying…

I’m embracing my 2008. It’s been kind to me. I’m happy. I’m ready for the future. Wishing you all a very good one! Make it the way you would want yours to be 😉

It’s by my dear husband, but I was the key person in the final process… as I was the first one to aprove it 😛 Anyhow! from us to you – enjoy your year!!!

the more the merrier!

Selfridges in London quite often have spectacular window displays. I haven’t seen the latest Christmas themed ones so we drove to Oxford street late last night and while some of us slept in the car I took a few pictures to share it with you:












So here we are: the night before this fellow comes and leaves something for the selected ones. Hope you’ve been good this year 😉 !


I gave up on my crafting (for now) and am having great days with my family. We made these



also these


one of us took care of having a Santa in the house

santaanother one wrote Christmas greetings


we might not have snow here, but how about some paper snowflakes

snow at home

and how about enjoying this warm weather


‘winter wanderland‘ in Hyde park


my boy


red trees

Hope you’re having fun too!



I’ve been stitching intensively for the last two nights. You can see my first trial a couple of post ago where I’ve shown one picture… since then I had to change the process a bit and start again, but at last we have the result – a place mat  for my youngest who loves almost all living creatures and trains 🙂 And loves to eat.

i can'tbelieve i've managed...

have a closer look

Stitching is easy, only getting everything ready for it takes a bit of time: I had to enlarge the original picture (below), cut out all the felt pieces I wanted on my mat and just stitch them all on. Now my older boy wants a mat too, so the same process only with a different theme is awaiting me…


it’s from this beautiful Japanese magazine I’ve treated myself to idees





Looking at this and other Japanese craft magazines I have (I’m gonna share some favourites here with you one day), I get so built up to make things… Once I get another place mat done, I’ve been wanting to make some simple linen ones for all of us, I want lunch bags for my boys, pencil cases, mini pouches, baby stuff and new toys… cushions, clothes…. jewlery! 🙂 Yes…

Will see how far I’m gonna get with my crafty hopes, kids holidays begin from Monday :).  I still haven’t prepared my promised free patterns for you…  but it will come. It will.

btw. if you like fish and don’t mind the soft ones, udder is offering a great give way!

Enjoy your day! x